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Choreo: Legend of Loco - A Musical 2D Platformer

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Choreo is a 2D Platformer set in a vibrant world with a Lovecraftian foundation. We've drawn inspiration from early Disney cartoons, Aztec and Mayan culture and the Cthulu Mythos to create a world that has a colourful and bright surface, with dark and twisted roots.


Centuries ago, five beings rose up to overthrow a tyrannical Elder Being and seal its evil away where it could no longer influence the world around it.

As civilisation developed under the Fives rule, the world slowly forgot about the threat of the entity, and the last remnants of its empire have turned to dust.

Now, a group of cultists succeed in awakening this darkness from its slumber, drawing it back into the world in a new form.

It's gleaming smile belies its dark intentions, and the entity sets out towards the Fives stronghold, determined to reclaim its empire, and make the world that forgot its rule tremble.

Dynamic Music System

Choreo incorporates a dynamic music system that develops the main score as you attract more followers.

At the start of each level you will only have access to a simple guitar track, giving you a basic ambient score. Each Follower you collect brings more instruments to the track, eventually giving you access to the full Theme at around the mid point of the level. The idea is that as the intensity of the level increases, so too will the music, and finding those additional instruments provides extra incentive to explore.

Composed By Richard Evans - www.rb-evans.com

Engaging 2D Platforming

Whilst our tutorial level is designed to introduce the basic flow of 2D platforming, the main level should provide a challenge to even seasoned 2D Platformers. Combining our own experiences as players with engaging genre tropes, we've aimed to create a visually impressive, enjoyable experience that will introduce you to our world, and some of the characters that inhabit it.

Multiple Paths

There are several different routes that interlink through the main level, you'll have to explore them all to collect everything and complete your band!

Our first project

Starting as a learning environment for two friends 5 months ago, Choreo began development as a way to learn how to create games and implement assets. As development progressed, we began to see more merit in the concept, which led us to develop the playable first level and tutorial that is now available.

We're still new to the whole development process, and are aware that Choreo is far from perfect, so any feedback you can give us to help make the game better would be greatly appreciated. 

If there's enough interest following our demo, we would love to move into full development and continue to expand the Choreo Universe, so let us know if this is something you would like to see.



W/A/D or Left/Right/Up Arrow with Space as a third jump option.


Left Mouse Click

Currently only a PC build is available, we hope you enjoy it!

Social Media Links:

Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeraldofLoco

Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HeraldOfLoco/


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Loved the art, music, gameplay...actually I can't think of a bad thing to say about the game it's so much fun :)


This game was so much fun!


Loved the art style and music but the platforming felt very floaty and the combat didn't really have excitement too it. That being said for an early version of the game these are all things that can be addressed before launch.

A game containing Eldritch horrors, Aztec gods, and great music with a Spanish flair? I am totally on board with that idea. Loco, while just a demo, is genuinely entertaining with its cartoonish, yet occasionally dark art style and story. The story itself isn't too "in your face," instead just pausing you briefly in the beginning and then sends you on your way, and I like that in a platformer. The audio overall is fantastic, as expected of a music based game, with everything sounding really crisp and clear. Very interested to see how the finished  game will turn out.

Good job on this.

This game is awesome!  I had a ton of fun with it, and can't wait for future updates :)



Genuinely makes us smile to hear your enjoyed it Hard Croc! We'll be updating the game again this week to include some new features so keep an eye out! Really enjoyed your video :D will retweet it now!

I loved the mariachi day of the deadish vibe of this game! There really isn't much representation of this in games. It's refreshing! I love it and, it's got an, interesting story! I wish it was longer but, that's what happens when you play a great demo you just crave more and, more! Can't wait to see how this  develops in time!

Hey Rathias,

Thank you loads for doing a video of our Demo! We're really glad to hear you enjoyed it, and that our Day of the Dead vibe is working well :D

We'll be refining this Demo over the coming month and looking towards new content, so definitely keep an eye out!

I'll retweet your video from @HeraldofLoco!

Just in case you wanted more content, we noticed you didn't go into the mines at the start of the level! Jump down the well and there's a whole new world for you to explore, including 2 addition followers!

I really enjoyed this game, the art style is like a mix Super Meat Boy and Cuphead, really fun game to play and loved the music. I've recorded a full playthrough of the demo on my Youtube channel which I'll be publishing at 8pm (UK time) Monday night so I'll drop you a link when it's up.

Good luck with building the full game

Really glad to hear you enjoyed the game ScouseMouse! We massively appreciate you giving it a go, and making a video of it for us :D

Can't wait to see your playthrough! Lets us know when it's up and we'll make sure we re-tweet it @heraldofloco.

Hey MegaSloth, here is my video of your demo, I hope you felt like I did it justice.

I've followed you on Twitter cos I'm really looking forward to keeping up the the progress of this game and hopefully playing the full version in future.

Awesome video man, really enjoyed watching it :D

Thank you again for playing it and for your kind words! We'll re-tweet your video now! (Love your channel mascot btw)

Recorded a quick video on your game if you'd like to check it out!

Hey Nada,

Thank you a ton for recording a video of Loco! We really enjoyed your play through, and you gave us some solid points to work on moving forward. You're title sequence is awesome btw.

We'll re-tweet the video @heraldofloco now!

Thanks again, and we look forward to sharing the project with you again further down the development pipeline :D

Super Game !!!!!!!

Thank you so much :D we're thrilled to hear you enjoyed it! Let us know if there's anything you'd like to see improved/ added!

What is the story of the game and can you get all companions and skulls in the demo. By the way really enjoyed the game and I maybe screamed a bit falling off the bridges.

Hi Paul,

Yes you can get all the companions and skulls! Though some are quite tricky to find, keep an eye out for hidden passageways etc.

The story of the game, in short, is you play as a monstrous old god who was banished centuries ago by 5 great beings (you meet one in the demo), and has now returned to reclaim his kingdom using dark music to control the citizens.

Really glad to hear you enjoyed the game! The bridges always catch us out as well haha, they're definitely one of the hardest sections.

(1 edit)

Ok i'm going to play it right now again to find everything and I can't wait for the full game to come out. Thanks for clearing the story up for me, it all sounds great and I do remember the god you meet in the end of the demo.

Good Luck :D and you're more than welcome! 

As a final challenge, see if you can find the rubber duck, he'll tell you secrets if you can.

I'll try to find the rubber duck, but i'm only finding 13 skulls. I'll keep looking though!

Make sure you're exploring both the Upper Walkways and the mines in the first part of the stage :D You might be missing a path!

I went under the bridge into a hole and I can see the duck, but I have no idea how to get to it. Also i'm on my LAST LIFE. PLZ tell me how to get to it before I fall down and lose my life. Yes the game is on as we SPEAK!

Haha oh man, you're actually on the wrong side of the wall to get the Duck, You can get to him after you encounter the boss! Look for the skull that will show you the way!

The art style and the music are both awesome, the character and enemy design are adorable and the sense of existential dread is somehow always present. The gameplay itself feels a bit bland though, I would love to see either a tighter focus on the platforming in both fluidity and challenge or more depth to the dual platforming/combat combo. It's all functional, but just not all that satisfying in its current state. I'll keep an eye out for updates!

Hey CoalFire,

Thank you a ton for doing this review, it was great to watch you play through and experience our first Demo!

We think you're spot on with a lot of your points, having only started coding 5 months ago, our knowledge for gameplay mechanics etc still needs a lot of work, and it's something we're working on every day.

Down the line we fully intend for the followers to play a more active part, turning them to stone for switches, throwing them at your enemies etc, we're just not quite there yet in our learning curve!

Again thank you loads for doing this review though, we'll be re-sharing it through our twitter, and we hope overall you enjoyed your experience :D

why is it not avaible for windows.

It is currently only available for Windows, are you having issues downloading it?

(1 edit)

Using the itch app, there's no option to download it, and there's a message "Not available on Windows". It's working properly on the website, though.

Deleted 3 years ago

Hi FatherTusker, It should now be available for windows again! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Paulthegrub, the issue should now be fixed and it's available again for download on windows! I made a mistake when updating the file (new to this so apologies). Enjoy the game!

Im downloading it right now, THANKS!

Hi, I was very interested in your game's concept that of a musical platformer,
but sadly I don't seem able to get to experience that. I'm Having big trouble with the first wall jumping part and I can't get past it. It feels to me like the inertia generated when I jump a wall to reach the other is lost when I press the directional key which I need to get said wall. 
I hope I am making sense with what im saying :p

Hi Pappapisshu,

We realise the wall jumping mechanic can be a little tricky, it definitely takes some getting used to.

One solution is to hop your way up one side of the wall. then use the fall to bridge the gap, as I know some people find this easier.

I would suggest maybe trying one of the alternate control sets for movement if you're using one specifically and seeing if that helps. 

I've just downloaded and tested it myself, and it is possible I promise.

Tomorrow I'll take a look at making it easier for a new build :D

Good luck and I hope you make it through!

Mega Sloth

Thank you!
Nice project BTW Keep it up!

We've increased the amount of bounce on Wall Jumping, and ensured it all functions properly! So if you're still having issues give the new verson a go :D