The Great Name Change

Hi Folks, today I’m here to update you on the Big Name change currently underway for Choreo : Legend of Loco (formerly Loco), and why this came about.

As I’ve mentioned in our previous updates, as a two man newbie team we’re really learning the ropes of game development as we go, and sadly we were not quick enough in securing the Trademark for our title.

We were contacted by the current Trademark holders, who were extremely pleasant about the whole thing, and gave us time to go back to the drawing board and come up with a brand new, and hopefully final, title!

Enter Choreo : Legend Of Loco (Pronounced Ko-ree-o as in Choreography)

In all honesty we had been considering reworking the title down the line, but this just kicked us into gear a little bit faster. After some powerful brainstorming sessions, we decided on Choreo : Legend Of Loco

So why Choreo you may ask? A couple of reasons, the primary one being its link to Choreomania, or as its more commonly known, the Dancing Plague. This was a series of incidents recorded through the 14th and 17th centuries involving groups of people dancing uncontrollably as if possessed, some to their deaths.

This was already quite a strong inspiration for the concept of Choreo, combined with the Pied Piper of Hamlin story, so we felt it made sense to graduate in this direction when looking for a proper title. The new title involves the core concept of Loco’s musical control over those he meets, and the severe consequences those possessed suffer, really meshing nicely with the theme of the game on a whole.

The Legend Of Loco subtitle.. well he’s a legend, enough said.

We hope that gives you a bit of insight into why we’ve had to change the games name, and what led us to chose its brand new title.

Personally we really like how it fits with the games themes, so let us know what you think!

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